Today, 79 years from the Battle of Crete, humanity is experiencing an unprecedented situation in the sector of health. This is the reason that the Greek government canceled all the commemoration events of the 79th anniversary in Crete. People all over the world didn’t allowed to travel in order to honour those whom we owe our freedom. The people who fought in the epic Battle of Crete. So, here in our home island there had to be someone to do what hundreds couldn’t.

The recently established “Cretan Commemorations Committee – The Battle of Crete and the Resistance” decided to organize today, on May 20th 2020, a tribute tour around the memorials of western Crete laying wreaths and flowers for the memory thousands of Greeks, New Zealanders, Australians, British and Germans who gave their lives 79 years ago. It was the least thing to do since many people around the world who really wanted to do that, finally they couldn’t.

Members of the “CCC” are laying the wreath at the memorial of the 42nd street


… and some flowers too


The allied war cemetery, Souda bay


Honouring the memory of those who laying at the German War cemetery of Maleme


Ayia memorial


Galatas memorial


RAF memorial, Maleme


Welch memorial, Galatas


Alikianos memorial


Cadets memorial, Kalymvari

Maleme airfield memorial

Australian memorial at Rethimnon

Symbolic momvements like this, can keep the memory of the Battle of Crete alive and let the world know that we will never forget. The heritage of our people, the history, our roots, is one of the most important thing in people’s lives. We must always remember and try to live better than our ancestors.

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